VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Setups On AUDJPY H1 Using SMART VSA and Standard VSA

Hi all I am still on vacation (Back on Sunday or Monday) but have been trading very casually this week.  Here is the requested chart on AUDJPY based on some private messages.  Even though I was trading casually I was still able to pull in a very nice amount of pips on AJ alone using SMART VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) and Standard VSA.  I am on my mini so annotation is light and the background and color guide areas are a bit jumbled… but take a look at the following chart.  This chart is the Hourly AUDJPY


VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Setups On AUDJPY H1 Using SMART VSA and Standard VSA

1. Weakness and Supply Indication on our SMART Advanced Stength or Weakness Module. Extreme Weakness
2. SMART Green Bar (Standard Effort To Rise on high but not excessive volume) Also The Strength Indication (Blue Square) on our SMART Advanced Stength or Weakness Module. Strength
3. We have a standard Volume Spread Analysis Signal (Upthrust) SMART Red Bar (Very Weak. Normally this is a weak signal but because it is following a Climatic Effort To Rise or if you are using SMART the Green SMART Bar, it is stronger weak signal)
4. Strength and Demand Indication (Blue and Green Square) on our SMART Advanced Stength or Weakness Module. Extreme Strength.
5. Candle didn’t close when I started writing this but we do see a Supply Indication which is a sign of weakness.  Caution but I am done for the day likely as we are heading into the friday DZ


Please keep in mind SMART Trader itself is painting these bars which makes these patterns and setups much easier to spot and act on.


These patterns repeat themselves day in and day out and using SMART you can clearly see not only standard VSA signals but our advanced multibar SMART VSA patterns as well.


Trade setups are verified using our proprietary background scanners (included with the system).


For more information or if you have any questions about SMART Trader Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) Software please visit
SMART Trader at pipbuilders.com or visit our Live and Free VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Chat and Trading Room at http://vsa.pipbuilders.com


When I am back to my main machine (curses Mini) I will be back to trading baskets as well for those that miss those charts.


Good luck trading and see you in the chat


PS The copy of SMART on my mini is not the most recent version so certain advanced signals are not appearing for those of you confused by the lack of advanced indications.




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