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The Right Spot

Forgive the lack of posting here.  It is Summer and aside from not trading very much, we’ve been busy getting the trade alert service fixed up and ready for full launch.

Today I wanted to post a bot trade from Monday on the H4 chart.  It illustrates pretty well why a good signal in a great spot is worth waiting for… This seems obvious but so many clients fail to wait for the right set up and instead “chase trades”  They look for any reason to go with their “gut” even if a signal isn’t agreeing or in the right spot.

We have a large number of articles that deal with this topic on here and our “Live Docs” site but here’e the bot trade from yesterday.  The outcome was 180+ pips to the wash and new HVZ (using them as targets) of course it easily smashed the EOM if you were to use that.  Even going signal to signal as I often do it was a really nice ride (58).

NU Right Spot Location on RSO 180+ Pips

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