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Smart Volume Analysis Trade Alert Service Update (Traderelayer)

I have gotten a lot of the questions regarding the Smart Volume Analysis Trade Alert Service (advanced account) testingTraderelayer Smart Volume Analysis Alert System results for Traderelayer and wanted to answer some of the more common questions I have receive regarding the new subscription option:

We are up nearly 9000 pips since April 23rd (this is being posted on July 10th). The results include FX trades only.

The account was started with 5000.00 on April 23rd and is now 13904.00 as of this morning (July 10th). Quick update to the post yesterday… I just closed one trade a short while ago for +64 and one last night for 30 odd ( which gave us the additional 100 pips I was expecting) Drawdown has been very low as mentioned in previous results posts.

Lot Size:
The Lot size, to ensure results (in pips) quoted are correct is dollar per pip (.10). I use this lot size just as I do for the other account options and the copiers to make result reporting and setup of the copier easier. As you may know, some pairs at .10 are not truly 1.00 per pip so it’s a rough estimate but it’s close enough for our purposes.

Reporting and Verification of Results:
A myfxbook account has been running since the beginning and is verified. A link will be provided upon launch but keep in mind this is HFT type trading mainly and has had a lot of testing (back-end system integrity checks for example) too. As a result there are just under 2000 message in the alert feed (the alert feed include for each trade an open alert, close alert, and the myfxbook verified daily total alert)

I will likely start a new account at launch for verified results of the service that would not include the above mentioned test trades. So… If you are reading this two or more months from now, the results will be different from the above.

Upon launch you would need to determine if you want to accept all the trades or not and this may impact your results (more on this as we approach launch or submit a ticket for the details)

We have not decided yet on a price for the advanced option and the currently available account options may be joined or phased out all together as well. Anyone already subscribed to standard (fully subscribed currently) and possibly basic (subscriptions available) would likely be grandfathered in. Submit a ticket if you have any questions.

Subscriptions Available Now:
Standard and Basic options are currently running and basic has a few slots open. Standard is fully subscribed but may have slots available again depending on when you are reading this. Contact us to be certain.

Launch Date:
I am awaiting some tools to help select trades faster than I can do manually but may launch prior to those being available. I expect to launch within the new week or so to a very limited number of beta subscribers. I already know the systems work as we have been running them for our existing options for a while now. Beta is mainly to hammer down setup issues that may affect different clients and their preferences.

If you have any questions about the Traderelayer service please submit them via the support link on our website (

For more information about SMART Volume Analysis (SVA) and Smart Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) the methods, or our Software (Smart Trader) please visit the following link

Smart Trader VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Software you can also visit our Live and Free VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Chat, Trading Rooms, and our other free volume spread analysis resource sites (linked below) to learn more.
For information on our real-time, volume based trading alerts, Click here.
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