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“Superfeeds” in The New Version of Smart VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Software

A screenshot showing one new proprietary feature/concept (Superfeeds) in the upcoming Stand Alone version: 



To the untrained eye it doesn’t look much different but I assure you… it is. ūüôā ¬†This test combines 7 data sources into one 

If you do not currently own Smart you are running out of time to get the Stand Alone when it’s released for free. ¬†All owners of the current version will get a free upgrade…. but only for a limited time (Jan 1st 2012 will likely be the cutoff date)


For more information or if you have any questions about SMART Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) Software please visit the following link
Smart Trader VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Software you can also visit our Live and Free VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Chat and Trading Room at during normal market hours.


If you would like to receive information on our real time trade alert service for EMini and Forex etc. sign up here


Good luck trading and see you in the chat.


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Issues With The Free Volume Spread Analysis Chat Server (Fix)

As you may or may not know the chat server moved to a new domain this last week and the old domain no longer works.  This cause problems for a lot of our users and most of you were locked out.

If you are using an IRC client to enter the chat please change the server name to "" (yes ".co" that is NOT a typo)

The redirect has been fixed for the web based users as well.  The address for the web based chat client is the same as always (

We recommend using a full IRC client so that you can stay logged in and not miss anything if your connection/web browser is closed.

For a step by step guide on how to enter using an IRC client please visit here:  The text parts have been corrected for the new information but not the screenshots so pay attention to the server name field and remember it's .co not .com

Thanks and see you in the chat.
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