We have thousands of users spread out over multiple resource sites, blogs, social networking etc.  I am trying to consolidate our user base to a few sites to make it easier to update everyone on News, trade setups, etc.  Please join us (circle us) at Google+  where we can do chat, live video demonstrations and much more all in one location. To get started simply follow the links below.

A couple of new posts to the G+ Page as well as a Live Hangout on Mutliple Charts Demonstrating Smart and our new HVZ, Smart Volume, Smart Selling, and Smart Buying Test Modules are live now.

Google+: (We just posted some new screen shots of the big moves overnight that smart got you in)
Hangout:  (limited to 10 people at a time for now) Mute your video and audio before joining as we use the text chat and screen sharing feature.

and see you there.
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