Easy Trading Day in and Day Out Using Smart VSA (Volume Spread Analysis Software) and Trade Relayer Alert Service 1944 pips

Here are some more example charts showing some of our favorite signals (Shakeout, Smart Selling, Etc)  All told these signals got us in for the huge moves earlier today.  If you have Smart or are using our Real Time Trade Alert Service (Free for two weeks) you were likely able to capture some of them as well.


Total on these trades was a combined 1944 pips (Including the point to pip conversion on the es trades)


Please keep in mind that these examples are not cherry picked, the screenshots are real World examples selected from all of the charts I watch where the signal(s) and or concepts being discussed have appeared at the time this article was written.






[text from screenshot]


EMini Trade Continuing from Yesterday
1. Shakeout (Strength) 30 points
2. Smart Selling (Weakness) 3 points thus far








[text from screenshot]


1.Shakeout with Strength and Demand Indication (Strength) 28 pips
2. Smart Selling (Weakness) 16 pips so far







[text from screenshot]


Easy Trades Using Smart VSA (EUR/USD 250 Pips)
1.Shakeout with Strength Indication (Strength) 25 pips
2. No Selling Pressure (Strength) 197 pips Holding
3. Effort To Rise (Strength)
4. Smart Selling (Weakness at a top) 25 pips so far.


Please also keep in mind SMART Trader itself is painting these bars which makes these patterns and setups much easier to spot and act on.  There is no guesswork,  if a signal is painted it is valid.


These patterns repeat themselves day in and day out and using SMART you can clearly see not only standard VSA signals but our advanced multibar SMART VSA patterns as well.

Trade setups are verified using our proprietary background scanners (included with the system).
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