Smart Volume Analysis 2.0 Officially Released!

As many of you know we have released Smart Volume Analysis 2.0 Unofficially Last Night (Message on your chart) – You may have noticed one major change… We changed the name of our product.  We did this because we wanted to distance ourselves somewhat from standard VSA.  It doesn't really work without massive tweaks and our proprietary concepts and many clients think the association is hurting us and we agree.  Smart Volume Analysis is way beyond the scope of the standard and less reliable Volume Spread Analysis so a name change was warranted.

The version number was also a big jump.  We changed to 2.0 (rather than 1.0.6) This is a huge update and reflects better where we are now in the development cycle.

SMART Volume Analysis v2.0 Release Notes:

Noteworthy Changes Since Last Update:
  • Changed Product Name From SMART Trader to SMART Volume Analysis
  • Optimized Upthrust and Reverse Upthrust Modules (Pseudo Versions As Well)
  • Optimized Absorption Volume Module
  • Optimized Range Background Scanner
  • Fixed Bug Within The SOW Module (Obsoleted As Well By The New Pattern Validation Module (Smart Visual Background Scanner)
  • Added Proprietary No Buying Interest Module And Custom Alert
  • Changed all indicators to default sounds off within the included templates
  • Optimized Global Settings
  • Fixed Issue With Gaps And Some Modules
  • Optimized And Added Additional Signal Condition To Banger Module
  • Added VBS to MTF Background GUI/MTF BG Scanner Modules.
  • Optimized Climactic Bar Conditions For EOM and Pattern Validation Module
  • Fixed Background Scanners Issue Related To Climactic Weak/Strong Bars.
  • Added Our Proprietary EOM (Expectation Of Movement) Concept Module
  • Optimized Conditional Settings For Smart Buying and Smart Selling Modules.

New Modules:
  • Unconfirmed No buying Interest Module
  • No Buying Interest Module (Confirming Signal)
  • Proprietary Smart Visual Background Scanner/Visual Background (VBS/VB)
  • Two Finger Salute (Advanced Module)
  • Fosters Flop (Advanced Module)
  • Proprietary Smart Zones Module
  • Proprietary EOM Concept Module

New files:
  • SMART Framework Module EOM
  • SMART Advanced Signal Module Fosters Flop
  • SMART Advanced Signal Module Two Finger Salute
  • SMART Signal Module Climactic Bar Strong
  • SMART Signal Module Climactic Bar Weak
  • SMART Signal Module No Buying Interest
  • SMART Signal Module UC No Buying Interest
  • SMART Visual Background
  • SMART Visual Background MTF
  • SMART VBS – iCustom
  • SMART Zones – Debug (admin only)
  • SMART Zones – iCustom
  • SMART Zones MTF
  • SMART Zones
  • SMART Debug Range (admin only)
  • SMART Debug Volume (admin only)

We will be running the live room over the next few days (linked below) to help with any issues or questions you may have.  The lead developer will also be available to answer any technical questions.

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Smart Trader VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Software you can also visit our Live and Free VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Chat, Trading Rooms, and our other free volume spread analysis resource sites (linked below) to learn more.

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