SMART Trader VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Software Update Is Live

The planned SMART Trader VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Software Update Is Now Live:

The update includes the following changes/additions:
  • Optimized the No Demand and Supply Test Modules
  • Optimized the Shakeout Module
  • Added Caution Signals for potential (prior to confirmation)  No Demand and Supply Test signals
  • Added No Selling Pressure Module
  • Added VWAP Price Module
  • Added a custom interval setting to the VS/R Module (default was daily before)
  • Added two new advanced modules: Tree Hugging Fruitcake (Strong Short Signal) and Reverse Tree Hugging Fruitcake (Strong Long Signal)
  • Added a setting (VolumeLookback) for the climax bars. Volume must be the highest volume in VolumeLookback periods to classified a climax bar.
  • Added "Climactic Action" bars. Any bar that is ultra high vol and ultra spread is now painted
  • The HVA/Z Module (High Volume Area Module) is not included in this update as it is still going through testing.

Added the following Audio Alert Sound Files:
  • smart_unconfirmed_supply_test.wav
  • smart_unconfirmed_no_demand.wav
  • smart_no_selling_pressure.wav
  • smart_unconfirmed_no_selling_pressure.wav
  • smart_tree_hugging_fruitcake.wav
  • smart_reverse_tree_hugging_fruitcake.wav

You can download the updates from within the clients area.  Please be sure to download both the installer and the sound installer as we have added new audio alerts for the new signals.

If you have any questions regarding SMART or this update please feel free to submit a ticket at our website or join us in our Live VSA trading Room at

Good luck trading and see you in the chat.


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