Next update…

Hello all.  I hope you are all enjoying the new features and signals added in our last update.  I have many posts coming to detail the new signals but for now…

I can confirm the next update for Smart Volume Spread Analysis software will likely include the following modules and features.

  • Advanced Module – Smart Buying Module (Custom Alert Color and Sound)
  • Advanced Module – Smart Selling Module (Custom Alert Color and Sound)
  • Advanced Module – Sheep Banger (Custom Alert Color and Sound)
  • Smart Volume Module (Based on a proprietary concept)
  • High Volume Zone Module (Based on a proprietary concept)
  • Optimized VSR Module
  • EOM Module and Scanner (Proprietary Tool)
  • Some other goodies.

This will likely be the last update prior to the beta of the Stand Alone version of Smart which will include everything our original product does plus the following additions to start:

  • Custom time frames with Full VSA and Smart VSA Support
  • The ability to create synthetic charts
  • Super Data Feeds (Proprietary feature)
  • Much much more.

Anyone that owns Smart ( will get the upgrade because we rule mule.

As always if you have any questions you can reach us in the chat.

Good luck trading.

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