Google Plus Invite and Instructions

A lot of people are having problems with getting migrated to Google plus.  Please following these steps to get started.

If you are not already a member of Google Plus go here:
Once you are a member, go to this page and add yourself to the list so I can add you to the proper circle:

You will receive a notification on the top right of the Plus site saying I added you.  Select to add me to a circle and add me to a circle entitled Smart Traders (You will need to create a new cirlce with this name if you haven;t already)

For now this is a workaround until G+ gets a group like system going.  If you use the android or IOS app you will be able to join the real time chat Huddle chat (only on mobile for now) and very soon Hangout (Multiple User Video chat)

If you are still having trouble please visit our Live and Free Trading Chat and Trading Room at

If you would like to receive real time trade alerts sign up here

Good luck trading and see you on the internecks.

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