Forex Datafeeds

I always say that the volume between Forex brokers is relational.  What I mean is that if you are using a fairly large broker or ECN broker then typically even though the volume amounts might be different between them the bars are relationally the same. 
IE a no demand bar on one broker is typically a no demand on another broker.  
The only times I find this might go awry is during what we call Dead Zones (Lower than average volume/activity periods) but I would say you shouldn't trade during these periods anyway.

That said I find Broco (BrocoTrader Platform) to be an excellent source for volume as is FXPro and FXCM etc.

I would also like to mention that we are planning a stand alone version which will allow you to use multiple datafeeds (mt4, esignal etc) This will likely be a free upgrade for anyone using our current mt4 version.

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