Codename: Chaplin (A new Smart Volume Spread Analysis Signal) An easy 130+ Pips on one chart alone.

Here is a EUR USD chart showing a potential Smart VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) signal we are testing. Code named: Chaplin 

You don’t need to wait for the module… If you own Smart take a look at some of your charts for this pattern and let us know what you think. Please keep in mind that I trade off the hourly so mileage may vary on other time frames. 

Text from the screenshot:

Here we have the EUR/USD Hourly chart and a new SMART VSA signal comprised of a Shakeout followed by or preceeded by new Smart VSA signal: The Reverse Shakeout. The moves off this one Smart VSA signal was a combined 133 Pips on the EUR USD Alone. 

1. Do you see it? 62 Pips 

2. Do you see it? 27 Pips 

3. Here it is again but in reverse. Do you see it? 44 Pips 

Smart VSA Test Module Signal Chaplin.png


It really is that simple using our software and Smart VSA. 

This is just one signal. We have nearly 40 very easy to follow color coded signals included with our software and these signals work on any chart, and any time frame you wish. 

These examples are not cherry picked, the screenshots are real World trades selected from all of the charts I watch where the signal(s) and or concepts being discussed have appeared at the time this post was written. 

Keep in mind SMART Trader itself colors each valid Volume Spread Analysis and Smart Volume Spread Analysis bar which makes these patterns and setups much easier to spot and act on. There is no guesswork, if a signal is painted it is valid. 

These patterns repeat themselves day in and day out and using SMART you can clearly see not only standard VSA signals but our advanced multibar SMART VSA patterns as well.
Trade setups are verified using our proprietary background scanners which are included with the system. 

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